"The Pumpkin”
Sculpture, 2018.  Pumpkin and nails.
Size approx. 20x20x20cm (7.9"x7.9"x7.9")

I think "The Pumpkin" is the darkest artwork I ever did. Perhaps because very literally resemble rotting process and of course relate to pinhead character from 80s horror movie. But above all, it was due to the most peculiar process of making this piece (read below). I always thought that my art is not and probably never be dark in emotional conception way however "The Pumpkin" somehow helped me to realise the unity of liveliness with death.

I bought this pumpkin in a supermarket on Halloween 2018 and let it sit for months. Occupied with different activities I keep delaying making this piece. It was sitting and waiting almost until the end of March 2019 when it really starts to rot and smell. I had to make this piece before it will go too bad. Not intentionally, but I guess it was the perfect time to start making this piece. Rotting made it even darker and more unusual. I bought a pack of nails and begun cutting vertical and horizontal lines in the skin of the pumpkin. It felt like cutting a skin, it was firm but soft enough at the same time. The smell was not the best. I tried to cut the lines only deep enough to achieve what I intended with these lines but not too deep to break into the possibly more rotten inner part. I made it quick enough and then I stick in nails between the lines which immerse so effortlessly. I was determined to shoot "The Pumpkin" in natural daylight and because it was too late I postpone photographing for the next day. Photographs were at the time the only way to immortalise "The Pumpkin" as the rotting process was progressing very fast. Leaving the pumpkin overnight with catted skin and nails inside made it even softer. It shrank, made it smell even worse and rot even faster. I took a few pictures and then "The Pumpkin" was soon after disposed into compost.

* Photographs of “The Pumpkin” are available in giclée prints,  29.7x42cm (11.69"x16.54") with 2cm (0.8") white border. Signed and numbered on the front, contact for further details.

© Copyright Piotr Bator