Top view

Bottom view

“Rolling Stone”
Sculpture, 2017.  Rock and coloured pencils. 
Size approx. 12x8cm (4.7”x6”x3.1”)

Thanks to its natural shape the “Rolling Stone” is portrayed very literally. When rotated it captures both musical band The Rolling Stones which is pictured with the band’s logo and the American magazine Rolling Stone’s logo. The infinite rolling “Rolling Stone” represents endless passion for creation.

With its natural form and material the “Rolling Stone” refers to our human nature’s artistic ancestry, similar to one of the first pictures painted on rocky walls in caves like Lascaux. The “Rolling Stone” is a contemporary version of an ancient looking precious objet d'art. It also sustain “bombing” over something ideology, typically found in Bator’s graffiti style.
* Photographs of the “Rolling Stone” are available in limited edition of signed & numbered giclée prints, contact for further details.

© Copyright Piotr Bator