Sculpture, 2019. Stone and acrylic.
Size approx. 9.5x8x4cm (3.7"x3.1"x1.6")

"Mickey" connects my inspirations and passions. It represents strength symbolised by stones and joy through Mickey's symbol. It also reflects the paradox of simplicity of aligning three simple natural stones which in seconds transform this arrangement into one of the most recognisable symbol which carries happiness and fun.
I searched for these three stones long and meticulously. I needed these stones to be very round and proportional to each other. I found them in the forest's stream where flowing water round all stones, how beautiful...

* Photographs of the “Mickey” are available in giclée prints,  29.7x42cm (11.69"x16.54") with 2cm (0.8") white border. Signed and numbered on the front, contact for further details.

© Copyright Piotr Bator