Only love, only truth can change the world, can change our life, can help us and enrich us. With every created #LOVECAN we all can help, support and simply spread love. I would like to invite you to download the #LOVECAN (ready to print file) to create unique piece and encourage you to donate money to the cause which touches you most and you wish to support. I believe we’re all one and astonishingly unique at the same time, just like every #LOVECAN.
It’s so a beautiful when we create something for others. #LOVECAN is an ever-changing piece which carries and expand love in as many forms as we wish. I believe every #LOVECAN is a form of a gift for someone, whatever the cause is...
I wish every sold #LOVECAN will monetary help to raise funds to causes the world needs most.
Created with love for love because #LOVECAN change everything. 

Create and sell or give away your #LOVECAN to support the cause which touches you most.   

Share and spread LOVE by downloading and creating your #LOVECAN. 

FREE to download!

1. Simply click on the image of #LOVECAN below.
2. The image will open in a new window in high resolution, A4 format.
3. Right-click, chose “save image as” or “download image” to save in selected location.
4. Open the image and print.
5. Go nuts! create your #LOVECAN
6. Please share your #LOVECAN everywhere to spread love and encourage others to do the same, let’s all raise money to a good cause. Use tag #mylovecan

“LOVECAN-Piotr-Bator-original.jpg“ file is copyright free and can be downloaded and used without any limitations.

Click on the #LOVECAN to download the image


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