“Piotr Bator, the “vibrant artist”. His work is constantly challenging, representing the purity of art. Piotr's work is both conceptually deep and dazzlingly evident. He holds an inexhaustible creation search for truth, love, and freedom in the mind confined world. His characteristic quality is limitless of creation surfaces and interpretations.”

Creating in mixed-media illustrations, sculpture, graffiti art, conceptual art, paintings, design, photography, drawings, abstract art, and animation. His work extends to writing, performance, activism, visual display, and interior & set design.

"Follow your dreams, so you won’t have to follow the rules"

Born in 1984 in Poland, currently living and creating in Ireland. Piotr originates from Fine Art backgrounds with a Diploma in Art of Exhibition and History of Art, which had a significant influence on his creativity, evolving from classical aesthetic values through more frivolous periods, to playful inspirations from everyday popular culture subjects and has no end. His since always "cooking" Campbell's soup of Pop Art, via traditional art to graffiti, various designs, conceptual art, stays hot and goes on and on, keep on "cooking".

“in art you can get away with anything and gate-A-way to anywhere”

Piotr's art is a flamboyant and evocative celebration of life's everyday images, often using elements of more or less common objects and subjects, elevating them to the level of fine art. It's a vivid fascination based on popular culture, people, art, the world of fashion and mass media through which we're finding art values potentially in everything and everyone - the miracle of art & life. It's an expression of a process that raises an opportunity to challenge traditions and limitations.

“Let’s play life and enjoy the joy.”

His work is often an overlapping of fine art to use as commercial art, thanks to his rich enthusiasm in fashion, advertising and popular images found through internet, magazines, movies, music, social media, comic book, toys and mundane cultural objects.

“Popular culture expression always interested me. Limitless of articulation, complexity and simplicity at the same time. Approachability and actuality. We all draw from the great source of PoP-ular culture which is in fact Art itself.”

Piotr's artworks vary in mediums, formats and forms. Shifting from small to large scale illustrations, collages, paintings on canvases, walls and paper, through mixed media paintings on magazine pages, food can art, digital and various sculptures.

"LET everyone to be themselves, and LET yourself be yourself"

His since always passion to art, world of fashion, advertising and design offers him endless inspirations from his "rule free" individual artistic personality and interpretation in the vast of subjects and forms. Piotr’s art characterises very individual creativity sense and composition style, with impressive complete image.

"It's nearly never about what, it's nearly always about how"

Paintings and drawings resemble his intrigue in fine art applied pretty much anywhere - his ingenious and inexhaustible fascination to paint and draw. Piotr's art is vividly alive, spontaneous, inventive and quirky, with genius idiosyncrasy capture and unique sensitivity in the world of fashion and popular culture subjects.

“Life is like a passion fruit - tasty.”

"By rediscovering life all of that it has allowed me to learn that what makes me happy is creating things — it's living. I like to create things — it is the act of creating that is the ultimate enjoyment. It’s not the conclusion, it’s not entirely having it done — it’s creating it." - triggered by Tom Ford

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